We need your help! Please could you take a few minutes to fill in our survey at: https://surveyhero.com/c/cabcba4a

NailsworthCAN are conducting a series of six surveys on six themes over the next six months; the first of which is Mobility & Transport. NailsworthCAN and NTC (Nailsworth Town Council) have conducted workshops to gather suggestions on possible ideas for action on the climate emergency. Now is a chance for you to have your say and chip in ideas of your own. The aim is to incorporate the feedback into a plan of action at the end of the year.

Changing the way we move around would make Nailsworth safer, cleaner and healthier. Individuals, families, organisations and businesses can all make a difference. A huge number of journeys previously made by car or bus could be made by walking or cycling. This would:

• Keep public transport safe for those who need it and work on it

• Keep the air clean

• Keep our streets safe, quiet and peaceful

• Improve our health so there is less strain on the NHS

• Tackle climate change by reducing/keeping emissions down

Please fill in our survey and share the link with your friends and family too: https://surveyhero.com/c/cabcba4a