Hello everyone,

Firstly, I hope that everyone is keeping well. The Gloucestershire police 'Safe and Social Driving' campaign that I mentioned last week has been having an effect with speed awareness monitors on some of our local roads catching a number of speeding motorists.


Last Sunday I was asked if we needed to promote Stroud Foodbank. They continue to operate from Brimscombe Port providing food parcels to those in need. Food collections are through the supermarkets as our drop off point in Holy Trinity church remains closed because the church is closed. To qualify for a food parcel someone must be referred through one of these agencies; Citizens Advice, P3, Stroud District Council housing support officers, children’s centres, health visitors and social services. We do not yet know the impact on household incomes as we come out of lockdown but there may be people who will struggle with their finances. A food parcel can bridge a gap. Citizens Advice, P3 and Christians against Poverty are some of the many organisations that can help with money problems.

On Sunday it will be Trinity Sunday when we think of the nature of God. The death of George Floyd has highlighted the issue of race relations in America but also in our country. A recent article said that we are all part of the human race. What divides us is not race but our ethnic, cultural, religious and social backgrounds. When we think of God on Trinity Sunday, we must remember that God loves us all unconditionally, Jesus is there for all and the Holy Spirit moves as it moves without limits.

If you are helping people here are some straightforward safeguarding guidelines:

'Volunteers to be advised to practice all government advice, so frequent hand-washing, keep a safe distance (leave things on doorstep). They should collect receipts for any purchases and wait for payment before handing over purchases. Those who need help to be advised of receipt/payment structure and that this is a volunteer operation, nothing formal.

The Gloucestershire Community help hub allow people to post offers of and requests for help. Here is the link


For the most vulnerable please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The link to the table of local suppliers is below.

Keep safe and keep in touch
Have a good week
Reverend John



Horsley recycling centre finally re-opened this week with pre-bookings and is better than before based on Facebook comments! Winstones was open last Sunday as well as during the week.

The link to the table of local businesses: