Firstly, I hope that everyone is keeping well. We are now into our fifth week of lockdown. Most people in Amberley appear to be managing well as, across the village, good neighbours abound. The main request for volunteers is to collect prescriptions. There is a free NHS prescription delivery service run by Lloyds Pharmacy and also by

Several volunteers have offered to call people who are self-isolating. If you know anyone who would appreciate a call, then let me know by leaving a message on 873176.

This Sunday’s Gospel reading is about the disciples on the road to Emmaus, walking with Jesus but not recognising him until they broke bread together. I would hope that as we start to come out of this lockdown we may look back and see Jesus at work through the power of the Spirit in many ways across our community.

Whilst on the topic of self-isolating, I noticed that Public Health England are advising that we ensure our vitamin D levels are maintained. Here is the link:

The face mask debate continues. However, Gina Hastings has offered to make face masks for our community if she can borrow a sewing machine and if people will donate spare soft cotton fabrics such as old pillowcases. She can be contacted on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Finally, the parish magazine will not be distributed this month and there is a note to this effect at the bottom of this newsletter. Contribution are always welcome for future issues

If you are helping people here are some straightforward safeguarding guidelines:

'Volunteers to be advised to practice all government advice, so frequent hand-washing, keep a safe distance (leave things on doorstep). They should collect receipts for any purchases and wait for payment before handing over purchases. Those who need help to be advised of receipt/payment structure and that this is a volunteer operation, nothing formal.

Coronavirus scams continue. Here is the link to the UK police website: Criminals are now offering to disinfect your drives, pretending to be charity or NHS workers as well sites popping up selling protective equipment which does not exist.

The Gloucestershire Community help hub allow people to post offers of and requests for help. Here is the link
For the most vulnerable please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

If you know of anyone in another village who needs help there is a list of contacts, village by village on the Stroud District council website.

This week there has been no update from Minchinhampton Life so I have published the last table of local suppliers. If people know of changes, I will pass them on. I notice that Hobbs House Bakery are offering sourdough starter. And don’t forget the pop-up shop at the Amberley Inn run by Jane.

Keep safe and keep in touch
Have a good week
Reverend John

This is the link to the Business Directory from Minchinhampton Life showing the status of local businesses. Missing from this list are Hobbs House and Stroud Brewery who are still operating as per last week. The Amberley Inn will take orders on the day before for fish and chips.


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